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11/29/2020Pastor Alan L. Hathaway 1st Sunday Advent 2020 - The Voice
Sermon Isaiah 40:5-11
Nov29-2020-Advent1-Isaiah40v5-11.pdf Download Nov29-2020-Advent1-Isaiah40v5-11.pdf
Download Alan L Hathaway 11-29-2020.mp3
11/22/2020Pastor Alan L. Hathaway Thanks Means A Lot! -Thanksgiving Sunday
Colossians 3:12-17
Nov22-2020-ThanksgivingDayCol3v12-17.pdf Download Nov22-2020-ThanksgivingDayCol3v12-17.pdf
Download Alan L Hathaway 11-22-2020.mp3
11/15/2020Pastor Alan L. Hathaway The Big Clean Out
Sermon Philippians 3:12-14
Nov15-2020-CleanOutYourRefrigeratorDayEph3v12-14.pdf Download Nov15-2020-CleanOutYourRefrigeratorDayEph3v12-14.pdf
Download 11-15-2020 Alan L Hathaway.mp3
11/08/2020Pastor Alan L. Hathaway Learning To Serve -Veterans Day Message
Galatians 5:13-16
Nov8-2020-VeteransDayGalatians5v13-16.pdf Download Nov8-2020-VeteransDayGalatians5v13-16.pdf
Download Alan L Hathaway 11-8-2020.mp3
11/01/2020Pastor Alan L. Hathaway "Learning From Ancestors" - All Saints Day
1 John 2:12-14
Nov1-2020-AllSaintsDay1John2v12-14.pdf Download Nov1-2020-AllSaintsDay1John2v12-14.pdf
Download Alan L Hathaway 11-1-2020.mp3
10/25/2020Pastor Alan L. Hathaway when God Is In Control
Sermon Psalms 46:5-6
Oct25-2020-WhenGodIsInControl-Psalm46v5-6.pdf Download Oct25-2020-WhenGodIsInControl-Psalm46v5-6.pdf
Download AlanLHathaway25Oct2020.mp3

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