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10/25/2020Pastor Alan L. Hathaway when God Is In Control
Sermon Psalms 46:5-6
Oct25-2020-WhenGodIsInControl-Psalm46v5-6.pdf Download Oct25-2020-WhenGodIsInControl-Psalm46v5-6.pdf
Download AlanLHathaway25Oct2020.mp3
01/08/2017Pastor Alan L Hathaway Is Sorry Enough?
Sermon Matthew 18:14-35
Download Pastor_Alan_L_1-8-2017.mp3
03/18/2018Pastor Alan L. Hathaway " Is It Really Who You Know?"
Sermon Genesis 18:17-19
Download Alan_l_3-18-_2018.mp3
07/15/2018Pastor Alan L Hathaway " The Magnificent 7" Moving With Life's Stages!
Sermon Acts 8:1-40; 21:7-8
Download Pastor_Alan_L_Hathaway_7-15-2018.mp3
02/18/2018Pastor Alan L. Hathaway "3 Little Words - Expecting Good Things"
Sermon Romans 5:1-5
Download pastor_Alan_L_2-18-18.mp3
02/25/2018Pastor Alan L. Hathaway "3 Little Words - Sticking With It!"
Sermon Galatians 5: 1,6,13-16 & 18
Download Pastor_Alan_02-25-18.mp3

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