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  Alan L. Hathaway, Pastor

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Week of July 25-31, 2021

Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30 am

Wednesday Evening Bible Study – 6:30 pm



July Theme: Living Life & Being Godly – A study of 2 Peter chapter 1

Sunday, July 25 Message: “A Solid Foundation.” 2 Peter 1:16-21. Thought: Our faith is not subject to the whims of opinion, emotion, or tradition but to God’s revelation, the light of Truth and correction by the body of Christ. Devotion:  Psalm 19:1-10.  God’s message is heard throughout creation. [Sunday School following service – this will be the final Sunday School session until after Labor Day].


Income for July 18 - $1561.00

A special thank you to all those who have been faithful in your support of our fellowship.  We deeply appreciate your extra effort to be faithful in stewardship.  God bless you.  We have a basket at the back of the sanctuary to receive offerings this morning.



As Christians we are often told that we are following fables. Many view our culture as post-Christian.  Popular atheists have claimed that Christians are self-deceived and gullible.  In their view the resurrection is a myth that only foolish people would believe.  Peter, however, facing death could have easily avoided execution by denying the truth of the gospel, yet he maintained the truth of the gospel.  Clearly Peter didn’t believe he was following a myth.


Pastor Alan will share a video sermonette for today on the Garrison Church of God Facebook page and YouTube channel: Please use “Garrison Church of God” in the search to get to this page. We post the audio of the service on our website “sermon download” page following service - www.garrisonchurchofgod.com.


Coming Up:

Monday-Friday, July 26-30 – NCR Youth Camp Dakota Youth Camp at Crystal Springs.

Wednesday, July 28 – Service at BLC, 10:15 am

Wednesday, July 28 – Bible Study, 6:30 pm The Book of Zephaniah. [final study until September]

August Theme: Getting Up Going Up! A Look at the Psalms of Ascent – Psalms 120-134

Sunday, Aug. 1Message: “A Helper.” Psalm 121:1-8. Thought: When we face problems or difficulties we can depend on the LORD as our helper. Devotion: 1 Peter 1:3-9.  Due to Jesus Christ’s victory we can trust God with the struggles of the present.

Sunday, Aug. 1 Care Facility Services 2-4 pm.

Sunday, Aug. 8 Message: “Struggling With Contempt.” Psalm 123:1-4. Thought: Sometimes Christians deal with individuals or a culture that holds them in contempt. Devotion: Luke 18:1-8.  We should not lose heart when things are contrary but pray and trust God.

Sunday, Aug. 15 Fellowship Sunday! Communion. Message: “The Struggle With Temptation and Failure.” Psalm 124:1-8. Thought: God is on our side even when we face temptation or fail.. Devotion: 2 Timothy 2:22-26. Sometimes our temptations are not only fleshly but spiritual.

Sunday, Aug. 22 Message: “Sorting Out Priorities.” Psalm 127:1-5. Thought: Establishing Christian priorities can be difficult. Devotion: Mark 10:13-21. Jesus shows his priority for children and calls upon us to make Him the priority in our lives.

Wednesday, Aug 25 – BLC Service 10:30 am

Sunday, Aug. 29 – Message: “A Place of Unity and Fellowship.” Psalm 133:1-3. Thought: Peace and fellowship are God’s desire for our relationships. Devotion: Ephesians 4:4-13.  We are called to guard the unity of the fellowship of believers.


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