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Week of Sept. 27 – Oct. 3, 2020

Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30 am

Wednesday Evening Bible Study – 6:30 pm


September Theme: Living In the Atonement – Hebrews 9:19-22

Sunday, Sept. 27– Yom Kippur. Message: Atonement and Repentance – Luke 18:9-14. Thought: Atonement requires repentance. Devotion: Phyllis Wiggins, Psalm 25:6-11 – David indicates humility is the key to repentance. 


Income for Sept. 13 - $1155.00

A special thank you to all those who have been faithful in your support of our fellowship.  We deeply appreciate your extra effort to be faithful in stewardship.  God bless you.  We have a basket at the back of the sanctuary to receive offerings this morning.





Sermon Introduction:

On August 28 of 1859 a trial, that would have long standing impacts on several areas of American culture, was held in a small community just outside of Springfield IL. The trial was over a murder.  The facts of the case were undisputed, everything hung on the interpretation of the facts. A killing due to malice had been committed.  It had been gruesome and violent. At the time the concept of self-defense did not include armed preparation nor “stand your ground”.   This case would help to establish these concepts in American law. The defense attorney would risk his rising political capital…Republicans were talking of running him for President…a spectacular loss would cost him everything.  The victim was well liked and had even clerked for the defense attorney.  The defendant was not well liked and often gave way to his temper.

Lincoln knew he faced an uphill battle. Quinn Harrison was known to have a hot temper. The novel self-defense argument up to that time it had never been applied in a case like this. Lincoln would have to convince the jury that his defendant by arming himself did not have intent.  Over his years as a successful attorney he had earned the reputation as the Great Persuader.  This trial would demand all these skills.

Repentance demands that we honestly admit to ourselves that we are sinners.  Sadly, though Lincoln convinced the jury that Quinn had acted in self-defense, Quinn continued to act out of his explosive anger.  Quinn could have gone on to become a pillar of the Springfield community, but he continued to allow his bad temper to rule his life. Eventually he destroyed his marriage, relationships in the community and died in ignominy in Kansas City in the 1920s.  Lincoln and the jury had declared him innocent of murder, though he had killed in malice…in his mind he was still the hero and victim not a forgiven offender.

Jesus in Luke 18 brings us face to face with the attitude of repentance. At times, we are either heroic or victimized but because of self-centeredness we are all sinners.  Repentance requires that we face this reality.


Pastor Alan will be sharing a video sermonette for today on the Garrison Church of God Facebook page: Please use “Garrison Church of God” on Facebook to get to this page. We will be posting the audio of the service on our website sermon download page following service - www.garrisonchurchofgod.com.


Coming Up:

Wednesday, Sept. 30 – Pizza Party at the Parsonage, 5:30 pm.

October Theme: Preparing For Anything – Psalm 46

Sunday, Oct. 4Message: “When I Need a Refuge” Psalm 46:1 & 7. Thought: We can depend on God in difficult times. Devotion: Patty Fetzer, Hebrews 6:13-20 – We run to God as our refuge of hope.. 

Wednesday, Oct. 7  – Bible Study at Garrison, 6:30 pm

Sunday, Oct. 11Message: “When Everything is Moving” Psalm 46:2-3. Thought: We often face circumstances that shake our faith. Devotion: Matthew 8:23-27 – Jesus calms the storm. 

Wednesday, Oct. 14 – Bible Study at Garrison, 6:30 pm

Sunday, Oct. 18 – Fellowship Sunday. Communion. Message: “When I Need Refreshing” Psalm 46:4. Thought: God gives us rest and refreshment in the midst of difficult circumstances. Devotion:  Revelation 22:1-7 – The New Jerusalem has a refreshing river of God’s living water flowing through it. 

Wednesday, Oct. 21  – no study due to Regional Minister’s Meeting

Wednesday- Thursday, Oct. 21-22 – Regional Minister’s Meeting

Sunday, Oct. 25Message: “When God Is In Control” Psalm 46:5-6. Thought: God in all circumstances has everything under control. Devotion: Matthew 18:14-20 – Jesus states his concern for those weak in faith and the need to work out problems between brethren because he is in the midst of his disciples. 


Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Bible Study at Garrison, 6:30 pm




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