Garrison Church of God

Alan L. Hathaway, Pastor

Church email: garrisoncog413@gmail.com

Office: 463-2813  ~  Parsonage: 463-7407

Website: GarrisonChurchofGod.com

235 Hancock Way, P.O. Box 413 Garrison, ND 58540

Week of July 14-21, 2019


10:00 am         Morning Worship

Coffee & Cookie fellowship following if you would like to stay and visit for a few minutes.


6:30 pm            Bible Study

July Series: The Call of Liberty – Psalm 119:41-48

July Series: The Call of Liberty – Psalm 119:41-48

Sunday, July 14 – Message: “Liberty As A Lifestyle” Psalm 119:45-46. Devotion: Ephesians 5:14-21 – Christian liberty is lived responsibly not haphazardly.

Income for July 7 -$1246.00


The word Liberty has 2 Hebrew words that are translated in the Old Testament.  Both reflect the idea of “free flowing” or “enlarged boundaries”.  The word for “freedom” is actually “released from bonds”.  

Freedom is dangerous without the idea of liberty which implies “personal responsibly”.  When verse 45 was translated into Greek the rabbis used the word “to walk about without restriction” to describe the concept of “liberty”.

The word used in this verse means to be “without boundaries”.

As Christians though we live without boundaries we also live under the Law of Christ”


Coming Up:

Wednesday, July 17 - 6:30 pm, Bible Study  

Sunday, July 21 - Fellowship Sunday, Communion. Message: “Liberty, Something To Think About.” Psalm 119:47-48. Devotion: John 15:9-17 – In Christ’s liberty we have one great command that gives us joy.

Wednesday, July 24 – 6:30 pm,  Movie Night.

Sunday, July 28 – Guest Speaker: Alan O. Hathaway. Devotion: Psalm 86:4-10

Wednesday, July 31.  6:30 Bible Study.



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