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Alan L. Hathaway, Pastor

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235 Hancock Way, P.O. Box 413 Garrison, ND 58540

Week of Nov. 10-16, 2019


10:00 am         Morning Worship

Group Study and Fellowship following.


6:30 pm            Bible Study - "Life of Christ"

November Theme: “I Will Defend This City…” A look at Isaiah 37-38 & 2 Kings 19-20

Sunday, Nov. 10 – Message: “The Power To Face Evil!” Isaiah 37:23-29. God returns the threats of the Assyrians on their heads and assures Hezekiah that He will indeed fight for him and for the city. Devotion: Acts 16:25-34. In this passage Paul and Silas have been beaten and thrown into prison, at midnight they begin to praise God and sing hymns, God gives them a mighty victory.

Income for Nov 3 -$1160.00


As I was growing up, our culture moved away from the concept of “Absolute Truth”.  With this we lost the concepts of Good and Evil.  The lessons of World War 2 had been lost and we equivocated between the motivations of nations and people.   The only great sin when I was young was violating the “freedom of the individual”. 

As we have gone down this borderless road instead of more freedom and individuality, we have less of both.  We find we need more laws and customs to “protect” our accepted lifestyles and discover we are ruled by the vicissitude of the mob.

Because there is no longer a clear understanding of what is good or evil all things can be “good” or “evil” depending on opinion and public perception.   Whoever is strong enough to control the mob determines what is good or evil.  Such a culture eventually comes to celebrate evil and suppress good. 

The Assyrians were such a people.  Jonah had challenged them almost 80 years prior to Isaiah 37 with their evil and God’s demands.   But that was before Assyria had completely gone down the road toward evil…before they had come to believe they were superior to God and His will. 

Tiglath-Pileser III, Sennacherib’s grandfather, was the man who led the Assyrians toward a culture of efficiency where good or evil were determined by  service to the empire’s needs as determined by the king.  It allowed the Assyrians to practice brutality that would not be seen again until the 20th century. 

As Christians how do we face such evil?    

Coming Up:

  • Monday, Nov. 11 – Veteran’s Day
  • Wednesday, Nov. 13 – 6:30 pm – Bible Study.

Sunday, Nov. 17 - Christmas Child Shoeboxes due.

Sunday, Nov. 17 – Fellowship Sunday. Please bring a main dish to share and a dessert or salad to share. Communion. Message: “Facing Reality With Faith!” Isaiah 38:1-6. Hezekiah is asked to face his own mortality and an unfinished mission. Devotion: Acts 27:21-32. In this passage Paul challenges his companions to trust that God has the seeming disaster under control.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 20 – Bible Study, 6:30 pm.

Sunday, Nov. 24 – Message: “A Grave Thanksgiving!” Isaiah 38:17-22. Hezekiah expresses his thanksgiving for God’s grace. Devotion: 1 Corinthians 15:48-58. Paul informs us of the victory of the resurrection in our lives and a reason to be thankful.

  • Sunday, Nov. 24, Community Thanksgiving Service, 3 pm
  • Wednesday, Nov. 27 – Decorating the Church building for Christmas, 6 pm. Pizza for Supper.
  • Thursday, Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving
  • Friday - Saturday, Nov. 29-30 - Dickens Village Festival – 1st Weekend


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