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Week of Oct 17-23, 2021

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Series: Facing Immortality [based on thoughts from Immortality by Clay Jones]

Sunday, Oct. 17 Fellowship Sunday! Please bring a main dish and a salad or dessert to share. Communion.  Message: “I Want To Live Forever.” 1 Samuel 15:10-12. Thought: When we try to establish our own immortality we will be disappointed. Devotion: Rick Fetzer,  2 Corinthians 3:12-4:4. We struggle with trying to cover up our humanity like Moses rather than exposing our lives to the glory of Christ allowing him to transform us. 


Income for Oct. 10  - $1270.00

Our Offering for The Bible Project [Sunday School] - $75.00

A special thank you to all those who have been faithful in your support of our fellowship.  We deeply appreciate your extra effort to be faithful in stewardship.  God bless you.  We have a basket at the back of the sanctuary to receive offerings this morning.



Clay Jones in his book “Immortality” [2020] states that there are 2 general ways humans try to accomplish immortality. The 1st he calls “literal”. In these we find attempts to physically live forever. In the 2nd category we have “symbolic” attempts at immortality.  In these we try to establish a legacy that will assure we are remembered forever.  

In looking at this I thought about the record for the oldest living human.  The oldest verified living human lived to the age of 122 years, 164 days [verified – others claimed to be older but were unverified], Jeanne Calment died in 1997 in Arles France. She had lived there her whole life.  There are a number of people who are centarians [those who live to age 100 or above] in the world. Almost all have a genetic marker that indicates longevity.

Most live rather routine lives devoid of a great deal of stress and get moderate exercise and regular rest. Most are mentally alert until near their death and most remain relatively mobile until after the age of 105.  Many live on their own until after age 100.  Other than these factors they eat widely divergent diets and have some habits that we would generally consider unhealthy [Jeanne smoked 2 cigarettes a day until she was 117 – others drink alcohol in larger quantities than is considered healthy].  Interestingly in Genesis 6:3 God set the upper limit of human life at around 120 years.

Many health gurus die long before this. In fact, one of the best known, Jerome Rodale [founder of Prevention Magazine], shortly after declaring he would live to be over 100, died of a heart attack during a TV interview on the Dick Cavett show in 1971. He was 72. Others attempt to cheat death by preservation methods ranging from computer uploads of their brains to freezing their bodies or brains. 

Interestingly the present average lifespan of Americans is just at 78 years of age. This is a major increase from 1900 when the average lifespan was 45. Most of the increase happened by the 1950s when infant mortality rates went from nearly 15% to less than 1%. In addition, the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s prevented early death from infections. The advent of vaccines for childhood diseases in the 1950s also decreased the death rate for children.  A marginal contributor has been better nutrition since the 1940s.   Moses in Psalm 90:10 indicates that average lifespan for the Jewish people in the desert was between 70 and 80 years. God had promised to protect the Israelites from common diseases that other human populations experienced while they wandered in the desert [Deuteronomy 7:12-15].  So, unless a person has remarkable genetics, it is unlikely that he or she will live much beyond 80.  In fact if all cancer was cured the average life span would only rise a little more than 2 years.

Human symbolic immortality projects are believed to drive the creation of most civilizations. We see this in Genesis 11 with the Tower of Babel.  The uncomfortable reality is that most great civilizations in attempting to establish their immortality succumb to terrible brutality [the Aztecs sacrificed 80,000 slaves at the dedications of their greatest temple -The Temple Mayor was rededicated each time a new Aztec ruler was enthroned; presently most Western societies have aborted 1/5 of their population].  Individuals seeking personal symbolic immortality will also perform or tolerate unspeakable acts. 

As Christians we recognize that trusting in Jesus Christ is our only hope for true immortality.  And  Christian faith is the only guard against foolishly chasing literal and symbolic immortality. 

Pastor Alan will share a video sermonette for today on the Garrison Church of God Facebook page and YouTube channel: Please use “Garrison Church of God” in the search to get to this page. We post the audio of the service on our website “sermon download” page following service - www.garrisonchurchofgod.com.

Coming Up:

Wednesday, Oct. 20 – 6:30 pm Bible Study.

Sunday, Oct. 24 Message: “Whistling By The Grave Yard.” Genesis 3:1-5. Thought: Attempts at avoiding the reality of mortality are ultimately delusional.  Devotion: Arnold Moll, Ephesians 4:17-25. As Christians we need to renounce worldly attitudes and ideas and embrace the mind of Christ with honesty toward others.


Wednesday, Oct. 27 – 10:15 am BLC service

Wednesday, Oct. 27 – 6:30 pm Bible Study.

Sunday, Oct. 31 Break from series! All Saints’ Eve. Message: “Serving Idols Of Our Own Design.” Psalm 106:35-44. Thought: Designer idolatry leads us into great evil, but God is faithful to draw us back. Devotion: GorJean Moll, 1 Corinthians 10:15-24. Communion is participating in the blood and body of Christ and renouncing idolatry.

Wednesday, Nov. 3 – 6:30 pm Bible Study.

November - Return to series: Immortality.

Sunday, Nov. 7 Sunday before Veteran’s day – Honor Veterans. Message: “What Doesn’t Work.” Ecclesiastes 9:3-6. Thought: Attempts at immortality in this life are futile.  Devotion: Patty Fetzer, Hebrews 9:24-10:6. Human attempts at salvation outside the provision of Jesus Christ are futile.

Sunday, Nov. 7 Care Facility Services 2-4 pm.

Wednesday, Nov. 10 – 6:30 pm Bible Study.

Thursday, Nov. 11 – Veterans Day.

Saturday, Nov. 13 – MIP Session 3

Sunday, Nov. 14 Message: “What Does Work.” 1 Corinthians 15:53-58. Thought: In Jesus Christ, death was defeated and we are given immortality when we trust in His resurrection.  Devotion: Psalm 16:1-11. Only God can establish us for eternity and give us meaning for eternity.

Wednesday, Nov. 17 – 6:30 pm Bible Study.

Sunday, Nov. 21 – Sunday Before Thanksgiving. Fellowship Sunday! Communion; Christmas Decoration following Fellowship Meal. Message: “When Jesus Is Thankful For You.” Luke 10:17-21. Thought: When we come to desire God’s will above everything and celebrate His grace, Jesus is thankful for us. Devotion: GorJean Moll, 1 Chronicles 16:1-3 & 7-16. David gives thanks to the Lord for His wonderful works and especially His covenant.

Wednesday, Nov. 21 – 10:15 am BLC service

Wednesday, Nov. 21 – No service due to Thanksgiving.

Thursday, Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving.

Friday, Nov. 23- Saturday, Nov. 24 – Dickens Days in Garrison




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