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Week of Mar. 19-25, 2023

Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30 am

Wednesday Evening – 6:30 pm

Series – “If Christ Is Not Risen” 1 Corinthians 15:14

Sunday, Mar. 19  –  Communion & Fellowship Sunday. Message: “The Reality Of Redemption” Isaiah 53:10-12 & 1 Peter 1:17-21.  Thought: Redemption as accomplished in Jesus’ death is not complete without the resurrection.    Devotion: Phyllis Wiggins, Isaiah 42:1-9.  Christ is the Redeemer

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What is a human worth? In minerals about 1 dollar. If you add the skin as leather, about 5 dollars. If you were to go on the organ black market, just over a million. Our hearts are the most valuable organ in our bodies, provided the person is young and healthy, its value is just about 650 thousand.   At present the average American during his or her work life will earn 1.7 million.  Is this the measure of a person’s value?

It is strange that many even everyday items are more valuable than one human life, one diamond encrusted fountain pen sells for 1.5 million.  The average cost of a contract murder according to a 2003 study was around 15 thousand. In the ancient cultures of Europe, a value for the life of each person was set. It was to be paid to the heirs of the victim by the murderer. This was called “wergild” [man gold]. The murderer was required to pay a paltry sum for an unlanded peasant.  A noble or king was valued at over 300 times the value of the landless peasant.  A wealthy person could kill anyone they wished if they could afford to pay the wergild.

Christianity displaced this approach with capital punishment for murder. Christianity viewed the life of every human as of infinite value. As such, the price of atoning a murder was beyond the ability of any person to pay. This was one of the major changes that Christianity brought to Western Culture.

The writers of Psalm 49, the Sons of Korah, reflected on the value of human life in verses 6-9.  They mention that no man can ransom himself, no matter how much he possesses.  None of us has the ability to atone for the damage that the sin we do causes us or others.  God values each human life so much that he must provide justice for this violation of the sacred gift of human life. 

As the Psalm points out, I can not redeem myself from the just sentence of God for my transgressions, not even the surrender of my corrupted life can atone for the violations I have committed.  And the same is true of you as well.  The implication of Psalm 49 is that no human is pure enough to redeem himself or another.  To do so a person would have to be absolutely pure in intention and heart and yet as infinite as God.  Only one man met this requirement, Jesus Christ, the pure son of Adam and the Son of God. He was the only one who could accomplish redemption for humanity. 

Without the resurrection as the proof of Jesus Christ’s nature, he would have been but a noble martyr, unable even to save himself.  Because he was the perfect human and fully God, he could by his death on the cross atone for our human sinfulness.  His resurrection authenticated his identity and his authority over life itself.  Because of the resurrection we have redemption through Jesus Christ.  The resurrection is the proof of God’s provision of redemption for every human. 

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Easter Series – Feb. 22 –  Apr. 9, 2023

Coming Up:

Sunday School – Video series: He Has Spoken – The Worldview of  scripture by John Stonestreet – 5 sessions

Monday, Mar. 20 – Spring Equinox

Wednesday, Mar. 22 – National Goof-Off Day

Wednesday, Mar. 22 – BLC Service, 10:15 am.

Wednesday, Mar. 22 - Bible Study 6:30 pm. Ezekiel Study  - 3rd Prophesy  – The Mountain & The Land. Ezekiel 6:1-14

Sunday, Mar. 26  –  Message: “The One Who Is.” Exodus 3:13-15 & Matthew 22:31-33.  Thought: The Resurrection founded on Who Jesus Christ is.  Devotion: Micah 4:1-8.  God’s kingdom is founded upon His name.

Wednesday, Mar. 29 - Bible Study 6:30 pm. Ezekiel Study  - A Prophetic Poem about the End. Ezekiel 7:1-27

Sunday, Apr. 2  –  Palm Sunday. Message: “Price of Victory.” John 12:23-32.  Thought: Jesus even though King was willing to pay the price of humanity’s salvation. Devotion: Donna Shafer, Psalm 88:1-12.  The message of the gospel is the light in the darkness.

Sunday, Apr. 2 – Care Facility Services 1-4 pm

Wednesday, Apr. 5 – No Service due to Holy Week.

Thursday, Apr. 6 – Maundy Thursday – The Transmission of the Bible.

Friday, Apr. 7 – Good Friday Services – Communion.

Sunday, Apr. 9  –  Resurrection Sunday. Service time 11:00 am. Message: “Living The Joy of Creation.” Romans 8:18-26.  Thought: The Resurrection not only promises our redemption but the restoration of all creation. Devotion: Isaiah 65:17-25.  The Glory of God’s Kingdom.

 Wednesday, Apr 12 - Bible Study 6:30 pm. Ezekiel Study  - The Vision of the Temple’s Corruption. Ezekiel 8:1-18

Saturday, Apr. 15 – MIP Seminar 10 am



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