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03/20/2011Pastor Don Barsness Financial Stewardship (Pastor_Don_3-20-2011.mp3)
Sermon Malachi 3: 8-10
Matthew 23:23
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06/12/2011Pastor Don Barsness God So Loved Everybody (Pastor_Don_6-12-2011.mp3)
Sermon John 3:16
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08/28/2011Aaron Christenson Jesus Saves (8-28-11_Aaron_Christinson.mp3)
Sermon Several Texts
Aaron's first sermon in front of a congregation.
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12/25/2011Pastor Don Barsness God is with us (12-25-11_Don.mp3)
Sermon Matthew 1:18-25
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02/26/2012Pastor Don Barsness Choosing our fellow Soldiers (Pastor_Don_2-26-12.mp3)
Sermon Judges 7
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06/24/2012Pastor Don Barsness Guard your Heart (JUNE_24_2012.mp3)
Sermon Proverbs 4:23
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