Garrison Church of God

Alan L. Hathaway, Pastor

Church email: garrisoncog413@gmail.com

Office: 463-2813  ~  Parsonage: 463-7407

Website: GarrisonChurchofGod.com

235 Hancock Way, P.O. Box 413 Garrison, ND 58540

Week of Dec. 8-14, 2019


10:00 am         Morning Worship

Fellowship study following.


6:30 pm            Bible Study

Advent Theme: “The Titles…” Jesus in the Advent

2nd Sunday, Dec. 8 – Message: “The Lion of Judah!” Revelation 5:5-10. Christ is the lamb and the lion of God, the lamb that takes sin and the lion who conquers and rules. Advent Character: Joseph. [2 Blue Candles] Devotion: Donna Shafer - Isaiah 11:1-10. The Messiah will establish a kingdom of peace as the “Rod of Jesse”.

Income for Dec. 1 -$1105.00


In Judaism the coming Messiah was to be “the Lion of Judah, the rod of Jesse” a magnificent king that would bring justice and peace to the world.  They were unprepared for a Messiah like Jesus.  During the boyhood of Jesus there had been a Messiah claimant by the name of Judas.  He had led a tax rebellion against the Romans.  The Roman governor of Syria had brutally suppressed the rebellion.  But in Jewish minds this was the type of Messiah they were expecting. 

Jesus didn’t meet these expectations.  Yet they didn’t know what to make of Him, he turned everything on its head.  Instead of praising the religious leaders for their purity and rigor in the law or the priests for their devotion and sacrifices, he challenged them about their heart intentions.  His anger and aggression was reserved for those who hindered the gentiles from communicating with God.   To their stunned amazement he called God “Father” with the familiarity of a family relation. 

Michael Card in his song “The Lion Is A Lamb” picks up this moment in the temple and lets us feel the struggle of the moment. In 2016 Big Daddy Weave produced the song “The Lion and the Lamb” which takes us to the throne room of heaven.  How do we understand a King that is meek as a Lamb?

Coming Up:

Our Christmas Program will be December 22.  The title of our radio drama will be: “The Heaven Through You Know Where Tour” – It is a collection of 5 short skits woven into a radio broadcast.  If you would like to be a part see Pastor Alan.

December Theme: “The Titles…” Jesus in the Advent

Group Studies based on the Advent.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 11 – 6:30 pm – Bible Study.

  • Friday - Saturday, Dec. 13-14, - Final weekend Dickens Village Festival.

  • Saturday – Dec. 14, 9am MIP [Garrison]

3rd Sunday, Dec. 15 – Communion. Message: “The Son of Obedience!” Hebrews 5:5-9. What does it mean that Jesus Christ was made “perfect through suffering”? Advent Character: Mary. [2 Blue Candles and Pink candle] Devotion: Phyllis Wiggins - Isaiah 50:2-10. In this passage the obedience of the Messiah is explained.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 18 – Put together Blessing Baskets and delivery.

  • Thursday, Dec. 19 – Caroling.

4th Sunday, Dec. 22 – Fellowship Meal. Christmas Program. “The Heaven Through You Know Where Tour!”  Devotion: Pastor Alan. - Advent – Jesus Lord of All – Character: David.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve Service, 5:30 pm.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 25 – Christmas Day, no service in the evening.

Sunday, Dec. 29 – Special Presentation – A Shoemaker’s Story.

  •  Tuesday, Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve.


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